Calvo-Tenorio must stop backing woman victimization

5c2538_b9808b6f43dd4e96a394d7f1fbe6b017This morning, I got a chance to look at the Pacific Daily News and noticed that two of the main stories are connected in ways that should be uncomfortable for the Calvo-Tenorio regime. The practice of releasing sexual predators early and the planned reinstatement an accused sexual harasser should give women a lot to contemplate about this administration. How do governor and a lieutenant governor who turn a blind eye to the victimization of women stack up? In fact, what do these two men have to show for their time in office when it comes to the protection of women’s rights?

We know that a centerpiece of Governor Eddie Baza Calvo’s first administration was his defense of the unborn? Defense against whom? Women and the doctors who care for them. Catholic or not, one has to be taken aback by the aggression against women’s abilities to make their own life choices shown by this governor. I personally do not think abortion is the right choice to make, but I understand that the issue can be different for each woman and I respect each woman’s ability to make choices that are best for her and her family.

Then, more recently, there was the support of the alleged sexual assaulter-in-chief. Where was this administration’s repudiation of their candidate’s victimization of women, sometimes pre-teens? It was nowhere.

And we all know if at least one act of Lieutenant Governor Tenorio which victimized a woman.

More recently, there have been the pile of early releases of sex offenders by the governor. Did his public safety czar speak a word against this?

And finally the planned reinstatement of an accused sexual harasser to Superintendent of Education. He has at least two separate incidents in which he is accused, but this does not matter to the Calvo-Tenorio regime.

Is the victimization of women accidental? …or is it part of a pattern of behavior that shows the true character of the these two men?

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